About us


Everchords is a solution to a simple problem. Evernote is amazing for writing song lyrics on the road, but it's not good for having them readable while playing. Space and compact formatting are an issue with many solutions displaying song lyrics. Everchord offers an alternative frontend for displaying song lyrics managed in Evernote beautifully.


Everchords was designed around a workflow using Evernote for writing and managing songs and Everchords as an alternative frontend for display and sharing. Everchords itself does not provide the means to edit songs, many other tools can do that.

This is how you work with Everchords:

  1. Create a Notebook for your Songs in Evernote
  2. Add a new note to the notebook. This not is your first song.
  3. Write the lyrics and chords into the note following the SongPro syntax rules.
  4. Connect your new Evernote notebook to Everchords, will list all contained notes as songs. By default all notes are private to you and can not be publicly accessed.
  5. Open your Song, if formatting is not good, check your SongPro syntax in the original Evernote note. If you made changes in your note you can refresh your song Everchords to update it.
  6. By default your song is private, but you can share it using a secret link.


Everchords is using the SongPro chord formatting style.
ChordPro is very similar, but it's directives are not supported.

Song meta data

Everchords is reading song meta data from SongPro format. Title, author, album and year are processed from the body and recommended.
Capo, key, tempo and tuning are supported, but optional.


Publishing songs for which you do not hold copyright or licenses is not allowed.

Remove songs and Notebooks

Songbooks you added can be removed. Removing them deletes all included songs.

Does Everchords copy private data from the Evernote notebooks?

Everchords copies the contents of the Notebooks you add to the platform as Songbooks. It does not read notes from any other notebooks. If you want to disallow access to these notebooks, delete them and the corresponding notes will be deleted as well.

Everchords is Open Source and can be reviewed on Github